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Minister of Economic Development of Russia Visits Dow Izolan

Dow Izolan plant tourOn February 1, the Minister of Economic Development of Russia, Alexey Ulyukaev, and the Governor Vladimir region, Svetlana Orlova, visited Dow Izolan, a joint venture company for polyurethanes systems production formed in 2006 by The Dow Chemical Company and the Scientific Manufacturing Company Izolan Ltd., a leading polyurethane manufacturer in Russia.

Mikhail Tsarfin, Dow Izolan general manager, and Karsten Liebmann, Dow Izolan production director, welcomed the Officials, conducted a meeting and a site tour to present background information about the state-of-the art manufacturing facility, the most recent innovations in polyurethane systems and the Company’s 2013 financial performance. Summarizing the presentation, Mikhail Tsarfin shared the Company’s plans to further support business in Russia and improve the regional economic success and local community development.

«Dow Izolan continues to produce innovative solutions aimed at improving energy efficiency and life quality. Our 33 million Euro investment allowed us to establish a production facility in Vladimir that supplies today over 300 products to more than 1,000 customers in Russia and CIS. The Company’s sales grew by 70 percent over the past 7 years, approximately 2.5 times more than GDP growth for the same period,» commented Mikhail Tsarfin. «It is a great honor to welcome Alexey Ulyukaev and Svetlana Orlova at our plant as it gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our technological solutions that influence the economic development of Vladimir region and ultimately all Russia. We believe in a great potential for the Company’s growth in the region where we see constant support from local Government in the development of new projects.»

Visit to the Dow Izolan laboratoryAlexey Ulyukaev, Svetlana Orlova and local journalists visited the Dow Izolan plant and laboratory to see first-hand the advanced manufacturing processes and polyurethane systems used for a broad range of applications, including construction insulation, automotive and motor-vehicle parts, refrigeration equipment, furniture, footwear, and more.

«The experience and technologies of Dow and Izolan were combined to form one of the most modern and largest sites in Russia that is specialized on the production of polyurethane systems where the employees put all their efforts in the production of high quality products, while maintaining highest standards of safety to protect peoples health and the environment,» commented Karsten Liebmann.

The Minister Ulyukaev highlighted that the purpose of the visit to Vladimir region was to develop certain criteria for new economic models for regions, where the growth depends on investment projects like Dow Izolan, as most of the Russian cities and towns do not have natural hydrocarbon resources.

The Governor Orlova, added: «The Ministry realized that economic growth in Vladimir region was higher than in the whole country. The level of metal and chemical industries is a bit low in the region but we see a great potential as there are companies that demonstrate sustainable growth implementing innovative technologies. Organizing the Minister’s visit to Vladimir we have included Dow Izolan in his agenda as we see the company as a bright example of an investment project!»

Dow Izolan also contributed around 3 percent of gross regional product and is among the 10 largest tax payers in the Vladimir Region that ultimately influences the economy and social life of the city. In 2012, Dow Izolan was recognized by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs for sustainable dynamics of business development, and continues to be a leader in Russia and CIS in the research, development and commercialization of tailored polyurethane systems used for a broad range of applications. Last year Mikhail Tsarfin received the prestigious state award Honored Chemist of the Russian Federation following the recent decree of the President about the 2013 state awards. Svetlana Orlova presented the award to Mikhail Tsarfin recognizing him for many years of service and contribution to the development of the chemical industry in Russia.

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