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Dow Izolan: all-in-one state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in vladimir

Publication in the newspaper «Prizyv» from 25 May 2011Dow Izolan in Vladimir is a leader in applying science and technological expertise to timely deliver innovations based on polyurethanes to the constancy growing customer base in Russia. The author of the article explains that Dow Izolan is the largest manufacturing facility of this kind across the Former Soviet Union, and one of the largest plants in Europe. The plant has been built using the best available technologies and is among the most modern, safe and competitive blending facilities for polyurethane systems in the world. Further to this, state-of-the art production rests upon the Company's own scientific-research centre where the local best minds and talents are continuously working to find the most effective tailor-made sustainable solutions.

Safety and efficiency of production processes are among the Company's most distinctive features. «Automatic production process, maximum output, quality control, adherence to the most stringent ecological and safety standards, along with effective internal logistics infrastructure», the editor of the local Vladimir newspaper «Prizyv» describes the Dow Izolan production facility, stating that the Company is significant contributor to socio-economic development in Vladimir Region.

«We are running today our operations successfully thanks to support, highly valued and continued dialogue established and maintained with the local authorities and the local community. We have more than 1000 customers in Russia and CIS, and demonstrated in 2010 a sales increase of 40% in comparison with the previous year. Our leadership positions require continuous investment in our employees. We are here to continue acting a responsible citizen, enhancing our reputation as employer of choice, and contributing to fostering prestige and visibility of the Vladimir Region within Russia and beyond», commented Mikhail Tsarfin, Dow Izolan general manager.

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