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Novel Freon-free polyurethane foam insulation «Izolan-355» with service life of 30 years for preinsulated pipes with heat carrier temperature of 161°Ń

Within the framework of the program aimed at switching over to alternative ozone-friendly blowing agents experts of «Dow Izolan» company have developed a Freon-free polyurethane system, «Izolan-355» for the production of preinsulated pipes designed for laying heat- and water supply systems, oil and gas lines.  

The novel polyurethane foam thermal-insulating material, «Izolan-355», has been successfully tested in MPA Hannover for conformity to the requirements of the European Standard, EN 253, «Preinsulated bonded pipe systems for underground hot water networks — Pipe assembly of steel service pipes, polyurethane thermal insulation and outer casing of polyethylene».

Test certificate issued by MPA Hannover attests that in terms of physical and mechanical characteristics polyurethane foam «Izolan-355» fully meets requirements of EN 253 standard, and service life of pipes bearing the «Izolan-355» insulation at the heat-carrier constant temperature of 161°Ń totals 30 years.

The development of the Freon-free polyurethane system, «Izolan-355», which has passed a successful trial in the MPA Hannover, is a true evidence of high competence and continuous perfection of the company in the sphere of the production of new polyurethane systems. The company innovations enable to offer customers new solutions in settling problems related to energy conservation in housing and communal facilities, gas and oil production, construction.


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