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Dow Izolan inaugurates its state-of-the-art polyurethane systems manufacturing plant in Vladimir, Russia

Inauguration ceremony of the new polyurethane systems manufacturing facility builtDow Izolan, the joint venture company formed in 2006 between The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) and Izolan, held on December 11, 2009 the official inauguration ceremony of its new and state-of-the-art polyurethane systems manufacturing facility built in Vladimir, Russia (170 km North-East from Moscow). From rigid foam systems used in construction panels and insulation to flexible foam systems used for arm rests, head rests and seating in automotive applications, the facility will produce a broad range of polyurethane systems. The new plant will help Dow Izolan further enhance its offering and delivery terms to its customers in Russia and the CIS serving the automotive, consumer, footwear, furniture, appliance and construction markets.

Representatives from the Vladimir Region and the Vladimir City, Dow geographical leaders, Dow Izolan and Dow Formulated Systems business directors, as well as the President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia attended the ceremony.

Inauguration ceremony of the new polyurethane systems manufacturing facility builtMikhail Tsarfin, general manager of the Dow Izolan joint venture, underlined in his opening speech how “the completion of this large plant represents a significant achievement for our company, our employees and our customers, while it strives to further valuing Vladimir’s scientific tradition in the polyurethane industry, fostering its prestige and visibility within Russia and beyond,” Tsarfin said. “This plant leverages the know-how and worldwide experience of Dow in building safe and business competitive industrial facilities: from the project phase to its entire implementation, the plant has been realized with the optimal use of local intelligence and resources, and applying the best available technologies in order to have here in Vladimir one of the most modern, best designed and equipped, safe and competitive plants for polyurethane systems in the world,” Tsarfin added. “Building this plant would not have been possible without the highly valued and continued dialogue established and maintained with the local authorities: a model to be pointed as an example,” Tsarfin underlined. Tsarfin also made a specific reference to the fact that “the plant has been built with outstanding safety performances — without any accident — underlining the company’s total commitment to people safety and respect for the environment that are the pillars on which our business is run,” Tsarfin said.

Inauguration ceremony of the new polyurethane systems manufacturing facility built“Dow Izolan embodies the business strategy of the Dow Formulated Systems business,” explained Juan Antonio Merino, general manager, Dow Formulated Systems. “Building on our proven commitment to the polyurethanes industry, we keep increasing our positive differentiating factors on the market, enhancing our competitiveness to better serve our customers. Combined in the new Dow Formulated Systems business, our traditional Polyurethane Systems and Epoxy Systems capabilities and potential in research and development, in technical service, in tailoring our production to satisfy our customers’ needs, together with our capillary presence close to our customers’ facilities and markets — where they need us —, are the facts that allow us to keep increasing our customers’ satisfaction, helping them grow their business, retaining them and always attracting new ones,” Merino added.

“I am proud of such an outstanding achievement, further confirming the value of our original plan of combining in Dow Izolan the strength of Izolan’s customer focus, R&D capabilities, product positioning and market experience with Dow’s global experience and outreach, our leadership in the polyurethane and polyurethane systems technology, and our raw materials back integration,” commented during the event Pat Dawson, newly named Dow President for Asia Pacific & India, and a strong supporter of the Dow Izolan joint venture in his previous role as Vice President for the Dow Polyurethanes business. “The Dow Izolan plant in Vladimir proves not only the ability of our company to keep our promises, but also the will of the local authorities to put the industries in the condition of competitively invest in this region,” Dawson said.

“Despite the difficulties affecting the economy worldwide, Dow Izolan has not only confirmed its relevant investment for the construction of its large plant here in Vladimir, but has also respected the original schedule, completing the building works in a record time and being able to start the production before the end of the year, as they promised on September 9, 2008 during the ground breaking ceremony of this facility,” said Nikolay Vladimirovich Vinogradov, Governor of the Vladimir Region. “This plant is a new source of wealth for our Region. Furthermore, we are pleased to have among us The Dow Chemical Company, one of the largest, most profitable and most respected chemical companies in the world, as we are confident this will allow the Vladimir Region to keep growing and attract here even more international companies and new investments,” Vinogradov added.

“Today is a great day for the city of Vladimir,” said Alexander Petrovich Rybakov, Major of the city of Vladimir. “We know that this plant has been built and will be run with continuous respect for the environment and the health of the people working here and the local citizens,” Rybakov explained. “I was invited to visit a similar Dow Formulated Systems location in Ahlen, Germany, where I also met the Major and the local authorities who confirmed the excellent integration of the Dow facility in the local community and the value this investment represents for the city, well beyond the new qualified jobs it attracts and the paid salaries and taxes,” Rybakov said. “We are pleased to confirm our support to Dow and the Dow Izolan joint venture as their leaders have constantly proved to keep their promises and to be not only excellent professionals in their successful business, but also good members of our community,” Rybakov added.

“This investment through the Dow Izolan joint venture confirms Dow’s passionate commitment to Russia and the CIS as a strategic area for profitable growth,” underlined Marko Blagovic, Dow General Manager for Russia and the CIS. “The inauguration of the Dow Izolan plant coincides with our 35th anniversary of continued business presence in Russia. Complementing our significant organic growth based on our strive to satisfying the consumers’ appetites for energy efficient homes, better appliances, new cars, and so on, Dow always investigates new business opportunities to be developed and captured,” Blagovic said.

“The success of Dow Izolan in Vladimir is a reference for the entire American business in Russia,” commented Andrew Somers, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia. “The level of integration achieved by Dow Izolan in the local social and industrial reality is among the most powerful assets for the long-term success of any business, and together with the continued positive dialogue established with the local authorities and the media it is a discriminating factor for success,” Somers said. “What I can observe here is aligned with the ultimate objectives of the Bilateral Presidential Commission formed by the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, and the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. The American Chamber of Commerce in Russia is invited to participate in this Commission, and I will surely indicate Dow Izolan as a clear example of success,” Somers concluded.


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